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Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home have been able to touch so many life including motherless babies, orphans, homeless, aged/stranded people, drug addict, disable, remind people (Insanity), street children, mission field children, visited war affected children/natural disaster & poor country children (people left out of scheme.
Our Milestones are listed below;
Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home has provided safe and loving home to children who never enjoyed the love of parents, no security, never knew when the next meal will be served, and never knew breast milk.
Providing quality free education to the children in the home from day care to secondary school levels, with qualified teachers to give care and attention necessary for consistent behavioural and academic development.
We have been reaching out to the widows every third Saturday of each month. Providing them with food items, toiletries, clothing, cash gifts and prayers. This has immensely helped to comfort and reduce their burden.
We have also achieved in getting the children involved in Bible quiz, birthday parties, dance, choreography, drama, music and current affairs, which has helped them to feel among and prepared them well to face real life situations.
All these achievements listed was made possible with the assistance of our numerous sponsors, partners and donors. The home still need your help to put more similes on the faces of the children.

We solicit supports from government, public & private organizations and individuals in the following areas:
Permanent Site for the Home and Children's school
Foods,Cloth & foot wears for orphans, Widows & Less Privileges
Evangelism Bus for children
Accommodation for Widow's & Aged People
Playing Toys
Cash donations, payment of staff salaries, utilities, rent e.t.c

We have regular visits and donation of gift items from various individuals, groups, families and corporate organizations, while others come to celebrate their birthdays and special events with the children at the home.We all know that the well-being of children is very important for the progress of every nation. We therefore call on everyone (Individuals, Groups, Families, Organization etc) to support and partner with us in different ways to help ease the burden, the pain of the afflicted and to show some love to these children and to the less privilege in the society.

Visiting Time – Working days & Weekdays: 8am – 7pm

We want to use this medium to appreciate our educational sponsors for their consistency. Your partnership with our orphanage is a tremendous blessing to us and you can take special pride in knowing that your magnanimity positively affects the quality of education given to the children.
we will also like to thank individuals, families, groups and religious/corporate organizations who have come to visit, make donations and celebrate their birthdays with the children.
However, please call to book an appointment, and if you just want to drop a gift for the children, you can come into the administrative office on weekdays between 8am and 4pm.
For more information on JOWH, Please call 08035055853 or send an email to