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Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home offers a great opportunity to care for, restore and plant seeds of hope in the lives of children in need. Here, the children are given a chance to rise above their circumstances and become useful members of the society
We all can make a difference each and every day. You don’t have to spend big money to positively affect an orphan. Getting involved in Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home is as simple as:
Volunteering in the Orphanage: Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home welcomes volunteers who will love to work voluntarily in any capacity. We have need for caregivers, music teachers, dance instructors, event organizers etc. Just think of anything you can do to put a smile on the Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home children.
Celebrate with Us: Come and celebrate your special days like birthdays, anniversaries etc at Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home.
Donate to Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home: You can donate foodstuffs, toiletries, clothing and money to Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home. Visit us at our address and make your donation that will keep an orphan fed, clothed, sheltered and educated. .
Sponsoring a Child’s Education: The Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home children are in need of education. Sponsor a child’s education today. If you wish to sponsor a child’s education, please contact us

We invite you to actively be a part of the solution. Lend a helping hand now. Get involved and you will be glad you did.

BY CHEQUE: Make cheques payable to Jesus Orphan & Widow Home. Always ensure you drop your phone number or email address. We will reach out to you to acknowledge receipt.
BY CASH TRANSFER: You can make cash deposit or bank transfer to our various account details below.
Bank Name: Diamond Bank
Account Name: Jesus Orphan & Widow Home
Account No: 0046336166
Bank Name: Zenith Bank
Account Name: Jesus Orphan & Widow Home
Naria Account No: 1015500857
Dollar Account No: 5070787925
Pounds Account No: 5060199615
Euro Account No: 5080191338
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