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In Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home every child is given equally rights to feeding, clothing, education, attention and care which we have seen as one of the major reasons for their immediate condition before they were taken care of, which have brought about Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home departmental homes as a medium to reach out to all sections of destitute through out the world. Our staff have been fully inculcated into the main vision of Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home charity homes seeing it as a way of life and mandate to win souls for the kingdom of Heaven. Our aim and objectives are listed below;
To Build a Community of Departmental Homes – Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home has a vision to build a departmental home which includes orphans, motherless babies, homeless, aged/stranded people, , drug addict, disable, remind people (insanity) home, street children, mission field children, visiting war affected children/natural disaster and poor country children (people left out of scheme).
For the re-habitation of the Destitute – Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home has a vision to build a practicer and prayer cathedral for people with insanity problem, which they will be taken care of physically, spiritually and medically until they recover themselves and able to relate positively with their immediate environment. Also this people will engage in skill acquisition to build them up financially.
To Fight Poverty/Illness and death- Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home is currently handing homes for the orphanage, aged and stranded people. Which we feed, educate and raise them with the fear of thy Lord.
To Fight Violence and Crime – Jesus Orphanage & Widows Home also has a divine mandate to fight violence and crime, which we have notice that most of the violence and crime exist among the orphanage, destitute, and less-privileges.
As a result they become bad influence within to their immediate environment. Experience has shown that most of these children engage in pick-pocketing, stealing, murder, homosexual, lesbianism, e.t.c